A City To Colour

A City To Colour – Presented by Slaughterhouse Slough a comic by Eric Dyck and Modern Hit Music 98.1 The Bridge

 Download our custom comic from Eric Dyck, print it out here, or stop by The Bridge Studio to pick one up. Channel your inner Bob Ross with no mistakes, just happy accidents! Your masterpiece could score you tickets to the SOLD OUT City & Colour show at the Yates Memorial Theatre!

Submissions can be dropped off at The Bridge Studio - Located at #400, 220 3rd Ave South - Across from McDonalds Downtown. Please remember to write your name and phone number on the colouring sheet so we have your information for the draw.

We will be taking submissions until Wednesday April 12, and announcing the winner in The Bridge Breakfast with Jay and Cor on Thursday April 13!

Download Link Below: