Uphill Both Ways - Nepal Relief Fundraiser

Uphill Both Ways Education and Relief Fund is a local non-denominational relief and development organization that has been focused on providing educational health care and economic development to children and their communities in rural Nepalese villages.

Uphill Both Ways began in 2009 by a local Lethbridge family after a trip to Nepal where they saw the current state of rural schools. Since its inception they have;

-distributed educational  materials to over 1,000 children,

- completed the construction of 2 schools

-funded health initiatives for the Siddhi Memorial hospital

-As well as completed a Hydro electric project that will provide basic electricity to nearly 300 homes

On Saturday April 25 at 11:00 am local time a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the Kathmandu region of Nepal. This earthquake has left thousands dead or injured, and tens of thousands are without shelter and the basics of life.

The mountainous region of Nepal is one of the poorest in the world, relying greatly on tourism to provide economic stability for the country. Despite the current state of the country they have created one of the richest cultures, and are home to four world heritage sites. All of this has been taken away from them due to the earthquake; monuments have been ruined, and the mountains have created a major obstacle for relief workers to reach those that need aid.

Uphill Both Ways has been working over the past few days to organize several relief efforts. With the cooperation of the Lethbridge Rotary Club they have already sent over 13,000 to the Siddhi Memorial Hospital. Siddhi Memorial Hospital is based in Bhaktapur which was devastated by the earthquake. These donations and sponsorships have allowed Siddhi to replenish their medical supplies and provide food for those who are injured or without homes.

Another 7,000 has been released by our representatives on the ground in Nepal, these funds will be used to purchase food, blankets and tarps which will be delivered to rural villages that haven’t been able to receive aid due to the state of roads. Local porters have dedicated their time to carry in these supplies to help the villages that have not yet been  contacted by larger aid organizations.

On top of the work that has been done on the ground in Nepal, Cathay Pacific cargo has committed 40 cubic meters of free shipment space for Uphill Both Ways to send over relief supplies. This will help make a major difference. We are working hard to fill the container with supplies that will be flown to Kathmandu and distributed through the Siddhi Memorial Hospital, and will also be delivered by porters into some of the more remote villages. In order to fill this container we are asking the community of Lethbridge to donate medical and first aid supplies as well as any compact tents, nylon tarps, sleeping bags and emergency blankets. Numerous local businesses are working with us and the Rotary Club of Lethbridge as drop off points for these donations. We will also greatly appreciate cash donations through our website www.uphillbothways.net. All donations of materials and/or funds are greatly appreciated


The drop off locations are as follows:

1st Choice savings and Credit Union

Lethbridge Volkswagon

Murray Chev Olds

Milestone Mazda




            Drew Andreachuk




            Murray Pritchard




            Janelle Pritchard