Alberta Government Officially Grants Nobleford Town Status

Nobleford Mayor Don McDowell (left) & Nobleford CAO Kirk Hofman (right)

Alberta Municipal Affairs approving Nobleford Council's application to move from village to town status and that was made official Wednesday evening on Nobleford's 100th birthday.

Nobleford is now officially a town. The community marking its 100th birthday Wednesday (Feb. 28) and at the celebration it was announced the Alberta government approved changing Nobleford's status from a village town a town. Chief Administrator Kirk Hofman says they've experienced some significant growth in the past decade. He tells our radio station "the first half of Nobleford was built in 90 years and the last half in 10." In the last decade, Nobleford has seen both its number of new houses built and its population double in size with an expected population this year around 1350 residents. Mayor Don McDowell says when it comes to setting up a business more people would likely want to invest in a town, rather than a village. He says that was a big reason for moving ahead with the application. McDowell notes the future is bright for Nobleford with the hope attracting some retail businesses and continuing to grow. Meanwhile, CAO Hofman says Nobleford has seen tremendous growth recently with over 300 jobs now in the area and a booming residential housing sector as well. - Pat Siedlecki

Don McDowell:

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