Army Reserve Training Taking Place in Lethbridge Area This Weekend

Photo credit to Royal Canadian Army

Reserve soldiers with the local 20th Independent Field Battery will be taking part in the training exercise "Snowball Gunner" Saturday and Sunday.

Army reserve soldiers will be taking part in training exercises in the Lethbridge area this weekend.

The soldiers are with the local 20th Independent Field Battery.

The exercise, dubbed "Snowball Gunner", will have the army reservists practicing essential military skills in a field setting, preparing them for integrated training with the regular force.

Exercise Snowball Gunner will consist of soldiers carrying rifles, both on foot and in vehicles, participating in a number of scenarios.

Most of the training will take place outside of Lethbridge Saturday and Sunday (Jan. 26-27). However, there will be a period on the morning of Sunday, January 27th when soldiers will be conducting training in North Lethbridge. There will be no use of blank ammunition or pyrotechnics during training events in city limits.

Signs will be posted advising the community that military training will be happening in these areas in the city. Canadian Armed Forces personnel will not pose a significant disturbance to the community and participants will at no time trespass on private property.

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