Blood Tribe Declares State of Emergency Over Drug Overdose Crisis

Blood Tribe Chief Roy Fox

A big spike in drug overdoses on the Blood Reverse the past week has prompted Chief and Council to take emergecy measures to deal with a worsening and concerning problem.

A state of emergency has been delcared on the Blood Reserve in response to a increasing number of drug overdoses. In the past week, there've been 32 OD's on the reserve and one person died. A public warning was issued in Lethbridge earlier in the week because of a spike in overdoses in the city. Blood Tribe Chief, Roy Fox says the current drug situation on the reserve is very concerning. He says by declaring a state of emergency, it compels both the provincial and federal governments involved in providing resources. Blood Tribe Chief and Council is putting up a minimum of $750,000 right now to help battle the current opioid crisis on the reserve and Fox is hoping for additional funding from those senior levels of government. - Pat Siedlecki & Brian Treadwell

Chief Roy Fox:

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