Bronze War Monument Planned For Lethbridge Exhibition Park

Scaled down model of the planned bronze plaque

The goal, based on funding, is to have a quarter life size plaque measuring 12 feet long depicting a World War One 18 pounder field gun and carriage being drawn by six horses and their drivers going into action at the end of that historic battle.

The Lethbridge United Institute unveiling plans for a bronze monument today (Thurs) at Exhibition Park commemorating veterans and Lethbridge as an artillery city.

The statue will depict a large bronze cannon and its operators being drawn by horses. The gun will be a one quarter life-sized re-creation of the last gun to fire in World War I from the Lethbridge 39th battery.

Institute President, Glenn Miller says the monument will be important because it can help educate people of the roles that gunners, horses, guns and their communities have contributed to Canada from Alberta. “It is important that we appreciate Lethbridge has had and continues to have an Artillery presence since 1 Feb 1908. The initial establishment and connection resonates throughout Alberta today with artillery units stationed in Lethbridge, Edmonton and Red Deer today. In partnering with Lethbridge Exhibition, we can help educate the citizens of today of the roles that the gunners, horses, guns and their communities have contributed In the Service of Canada from Alberta.”

The goal is to raise $200,000 through government branches, corporate sponsors and individuals.

Ex Park CEO, Rudy Friesen says using the Exhibition as a prime location for events will draw significant attention to the monument.

Lethbridge United Services Institute is a non for profit association that is a member of the Canadian Defence Association.

Glenn Miller: 

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