Bypass Around Town of Taber Possible Option in Future Twinning of Highway 3

Highway 3 looking east through Taber. Photo taken from Google Maps

A planning study from Stantec Consulting suggests re-routing the twinning to the south and bypassing Taber altogether could be a better option.

The Town of Taber is exploring options when it comes to the future twinning of Highway 3. The highway currently runs through Taber's downtown area, but a planning study from Stantec Consulting suggests re-routing it to the south and bypassing the town altogether could be a better option. However, Mayor Andrew Prokop says the study is still in its very early stages and Town Council has yet to discuss how it wants to move forward. He says there been "some idle conversations about it, but nothing at the Council level to go forward. Prokop notes there is quite a lot involved in all this before anything would become an actual project.  Stantec is expected to complete its Highway 3 planning study by November 2018. Stantec notes a route south of town would avoid crossing train tracks, minimizes impact on local irrigation and would provide for good connectivity to Highway 36. - Sam Borsato

Andrew Prokop:

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