Cardston Residents Vote To Preserve Prohibition On Liquor Sales

The results of a non-binding plebiscite held on Monday in Cardston shows overwhelming support for the continued prohibition of alcohol sales in that community.

Cardston residents voting overwhelmingly against the possible sale of alcohol within their community.  In a non-binding plebiscite held on Monday which asked residents if they'd support the sale of liquor in town, 1,089 people voted against the idea with just 347 in support.  When asked if they'd support limited access to alcohol at restaurants and recreation facilities such as the golf course, 956 people voted "no", beating out the 456 residents who voted "yes."  Town officials say voter turnout was approximately 1,450 people.  The plebiscite also asked residents if they support backyard hens, water fluoridation and the use of town operated fields and sports facilities on Sundays.  Backyard hens along with fields and sports facility use on Sunday received "no" decisions.  As for water fluoridation, the vote was much closer with the "yes" side edging out the "no" votes 732 to 703. - Tom Roulston
Maggie Kronen, Cardston Mayor
Town of Cardston October 6, 2014 Plebiscite Results:

Are you in favour of alcohol sales within the town of Cardston?  YES 347, NO 1,089

If the province would amend legislation to allow limited access in our area, are you in favour of restaurants and/or recreational facilities within the Town of Cardston selling alcohol?  YES 456, NO 956

Are you in favour of allowing sporting events to book Town operated fields and facilities on Sundays?  YES 481, NO 960

Are you in favour of having fluoride in Town of Cardston drinking water?  YES 732, NO 703

Are you in favour of allowing backyard hens in the Town of Cardston?  YES 317, NO 1,108

Should the Town conduct a pilot project to determine the impact and feasibility of allowing backyard hens?  YES 322, NO 1,065

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