City Council Giving Lethbridge Pride Fest $30,000 For 10th Anniversary Celebrations

The money will be taken from council contingencies and used to pay for numerous different events during Pride Fest 2018 in June.

The Lethbridge Pride Fest Society is getting a nice chunk of money, approved by City Council, to help celebrate a big milestone next year. It'll be the 10th annual Pride Fest in June 2018 and Council voted Monday to give the group $30,000 to help put on a number of events during the festival. Pride Fest Treasurer, Derrick Antson says they're extremely excited the funding request was approved. He says this shows how far Lethbridge has come as a community. Antson notes Lethbridge has also gained a reputation as having one of the most inclusive pride celebrations in both Alberta and across the country. Pride Fest had asked for a Major Event Funding Grant, however it was decided the money would come from council contingencies instead. The Pride Fest group had already secured a Heart of Our City grant for $5000, however that money will now be given back since Council voted to approve this funding request. Councillors Joe Mauro and Blaine Hyggen voted against the funding, both saying they support Pride Fest and the great working the organization does, however they both felt using taxpayer money for this wasn't the right idea. The 10th annual Pride Fest will take place June 15th to 23rd, 2018. - Pat Siedlecki

Derrick Antson:

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