Cypress Hills Hammered by Early October Snow Storm; Other Areas Hit Hard as Well

Monday's snow storm wasn't for the faint of heart. Huge snowfall totals across the southeast, including more than 50 cm in the Cypress Hills.

Monday's southern Alberta snow storm was quite the doozy. Environment Canada's Jesse Wager tells our radio station there were some impressive snowfall totals from this early blast of winter. She says the biggest snowfall was in the Cypress Hills at a whopping 50 cm and Wager says overall, it was quite the storm for many areas from Calgary south of the U.S. border and east to Saskatchewan. Elsewhere, Lethbridge received between 10 -15 cm of snow Monday, while south of that city, between 25 - 30 cm fell around Magrath. The winds were extremely strong as well with this storm. The highest gust was recorded northeast of Brooks on Monday clocked at 117 km/h around Patricia. Wrentham and One Four had gusts at 90 km/h. - Pat Siedlecki

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