Deer Euthanizing Sparks Large Protest Sunday Outside Lethbridge Police Station

Protesters held up signs outside the Lethbridge Police station Sunday afternoon

The chorus of voices upset at how a Lethbridge Police officer euthanized an injured deer recently continues to get louder and louder.

A few hundred people rallied outside the Lethbridge Police station Sunday afternoon (Jan. 13), upset over a video showing an LPS euthanizing a deer by driving over the animal several times with a service vehicle.

The incident happened last weekend and a video of the incident started making the rounds a few days later. Protesters held up signs reading "Say No to Animal Cruelty", "Hey Hey Ho Ho, Killer Cop Has to Go", "Bambi Has Rights Too".

People we spoke to outside the police station stated, "It was wrong, no animal should be treated that way." Another person said, "I think he just went about this the wrong way to euthanize the animal. He (the officer) should've done something different than to use a cruel way to put the animal down."

This incident has sparked national attention and an online petition asking for the LPS officer to be fired. As of Sunday afternoon, that petition on had garnered nearly 70,000 names.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT) is investigating along with Alberta Fish and Wildlife and Alberta SPCA.

After watching the video, Lethbridge Police Chief Rob Davis stated he understands concerns the public has and said the LPS is taking this incident very seriously. ASIRT even said in its own release the unidentified officer in question has even received death threats over this.

The officer remains on active duty.

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