Downtown Lethbridge Festive Season Parking Meter Program Underway

A Winter Ambassador plugs a parking meter Monday along 6th Street South

Between now and December 22nd, Winter Ambassadors will be walking around downtown and plugging expired parking meters to help out people shopping.

Winter Ambassadors will be busy plugging expired parking meters in downtown Lethbridge over the next few weeks. The Festive Season Parking Meter Program aims to encourage people to shop downtown and support local businesses without worrying about getting a parking ticket. Wallie Desruisseaux, the owner Kapow Comics, says it's a great initiative which helps out both shoppers and businesses. He says many people don't carry around a lot of change these days and not having that fear of possibly getting a ticket helps them explore downtown more and shop around. Last holiday shopping season, nearly 7000 expired downtown parking meters were plugged with extra quarters as part of the annual program, potentially saving those people from getting a parking ticket. The program costs around $6000 a year and is administered by the Heart of Our City Committee and the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ. While plugging meters, Winter Ambassadors will also be leaving behind greetings on vehicle windshields wishing customers and Merry Christmas. - Pat Siedlecki

Wallie Desruisseaux:

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