First Significant Cold Snap Forecast For Southern Alberta

It won't be anything like what folks are experiencing in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but it is going to get a lot colder in southern Alberta than it's been all winter.

Southern Albertans are going to see their first real cold weather this winter.

A cold snap will hit this part of the province by the weekend, dropping temperatures significantly.

Environment Canada's Kyle Fougere says it won't be anything like the bone-chilling minus 40's and 50's Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and parts of Ontario have been experiencing the last few days, but it will be chilly. The mercury is expected to drop into the low minus teens (-18°C) by Sunday and overnight lows into the low -20's.

Fougere says the much-colder conditions will sit with us, likely well into next week and hopefully not too much longer than that. He notes for the Lethbridge area, January has turned out to be three to four degrees warmer than normal for the month, so this change will be very noticeable in what has been an very mild winter so far.

Parts of southern Alberta could also see flurries Sunday through Monday as the temperature drops.

Fougere says the Polar Vortex, which has sunk down from the arctic, has resulted in Extreme Cold Warnings for many regions from south-central Saskatchewan all the way through to southern Ontario.

Kyle Fougere: 

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