Flu Season Targeting Younger People; Hitting Children Hardest

Local Medical Health Officer, Dr. Lizette Elimur says the flu season is far from over and it's still not too late get vaccinated.

This year's influenza vaccine is a near perfect match for the main strain of flu making the rounds.

Last year, it was seniors and care homes which took the brunt of the illness, however this flu season it's younger people, mainly kids ages 5 and under getting hit the hardest.

Local Medical Health Officer, Dr. Lizette Elimur says H1N1 is the strain of Influenza "A" causing all the problems. "This is just the hallmarks of the strain. We are seeing sick people, in the 20's and 30's and those younger than that being hospitalized, etc."

Elimur says this flu season is far from over and encourages anyone not vaccinated yet, to consider getting a shot. She says pharmacies are still giving out vaccines and there are still flu shot clinics being held. You can find more information on what clinics are still being held at this link: Flu Shot Clinics

Dr. Elimur also says if you are sick or not feeling well, always use good hand hygiene, cough and sneeze into your sleeve, and stay home to prevent spreading the illness.

So far, there've been roughly 4800 cases of the flu in the province this season (according to official data from Alberta Health Services as of January 10). Most of those, almost half, continue to be in the Calgary region. The least amount here in the south zone.

So far, 20 people have died in Alberta as a result of the flu this season. Nearly 1.2 million doses of vaccine have been given out since October.

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