Foothills MP says Conservatives Came Back from Washington NAFTA Talks on a Positive Note

The goal of the trip was to help extend a united Canadian front against American protectionism.

A successful trip for a southern Alberta Member of Parliament who headed to Washington to talk about the importance of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Foothills MP John Barlow, as Agriculture Critic, accompanied Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt, Trade Critic Dean Allison and Ontario MP Colin Carrie. He says the contingent met with representatives of the business roundtable, the US Chamber of Commerce as well as Democrat and Republican congressmen. He says it was clear that everyone on both sides understands the importance of NAFTA. However, he Barlow says negotiating NAFTA could be difficult as even President Donald Trump's team members couldn't tell the visiting group what he's looking for in an agreement. Barlow says there were also concerns about social value issues the Liberal government is trying to incorporate, like climate change, labour, indigenous issues and gender equality. He says the negotiating team from the United States is "baffled" as to why these issues would be requirements in an economic trade agreement. Yet another round of NAFTA negotiations is taking place in Montreal this week. -Tina Giesbrecht
John Barlow

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