Former Mayor Asking For Funding Equity For Lethbridge's Two Seniors' Centres

Photo credit to Nord-Bridge Seniors' Centre website

Former Mayor Bob Tarleck, also the vice president of the Nord-Bridge Seniors' Centre, came before City Council asking for a committee to look into equitable funding for the two seniors' centres in Lethbridge.

Lethbridge City Council is being asked to provide equitable and appropriate funding to the city's two seniors' centres. Former Mayor Bob Tarleck is the vice-president of the Nord-Bridge Seniors Centre and came before Council earlier this week. The Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization (LSCO) receives way more  municipal funding than Nord-Bridge does and Tarleck asked Council to strike up a committee tasked with looking at a more equitable funding model. He says Council accepted his recommendation to set up a committee and he's confident the Community Services Department will come up with a funding model that is reasonable for both seniors' centres. Tarleck says unlike the LSCO, Nord-Bridge owns its own building and that adds additional financial pressures. In a letter to Council, Nord-Bridge writes, "there is a dramatic funding disparity between LSCO and Nord-Bridge. In the decade beginning in 2009 and ending in 2018, City FCSS funding for Nord-Bridge has increased from $180,000 to $209,500. This represents an average increase of 1.6% per year over that period. On the other hand, LSCO received $220,00 in FCSS funding in 2009 and the budget for 2018 has increased over the years to $344,700.This represents an  increase of 5.67% per year." - Pat Siedlecki

Bob Tarleck:

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