Ice on Lethbridge Lakes Still Unsafe for Public Use

As of February 1, designated skating areas around Lethbridge are about 10 inches thick which does not meet the City's standard for public use.

Despite the recent change in weather, Lethbridge residents are reminded that ice around the City is still not safe for public use. As of February 1, the three designated skating areas at Chinook, Henderson and Nicholas Sheran Lakes are 10 inches thick which does NOT meet the City's safety standard. Parks Development Manager, Chris Witkowski, says it's especially important to stay off Nicholas Sheran Lake for the next three weeks. In order to complete the project, City of Lethbridge parks staff have to break up the ice on the south side of the lake which can affect the safety of the rest of the ice surface. Updates on ice conditions can be found under the Outdoor Skating section on the City of Lethbridge website. -Sam Borsato

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