Lethbridge & Southern Alberta Hammered With Snow This Winter; Pincher Creek Hardest Hit

Entrance into Pincher Creek off Highway 3 earlier this week. Photo credit to Town of Pincher Creek

Lethbridge received a total of 111.2 cm snow between December and February. According to Environment Canada, that's 69 cm more than what is normal for snowfall in the city for those three months combined.

This winter across southern Alberta hasn't been for the faint of heart. The meteorological winter, which forecasters classify as the months of December, January, and February has had everything from extreme cold warnings to rounds and and rounds of what seems like never-ending snowfall, followed by strong winds resulting in blowing snow and travel advisories. Between December 1st and February 28th, the City of Lethbridge has recorded 111.2 cm of total snow. That's 69 cm more than what we typically see in those three months combined. Compare that to last winter (2016-2017) when Lethbridge had a total of 59.2 cm of snow from December through February. Environment Canada says just in the month of February alone, Lethbridge received 52.6 cm of the white stuff, well above the normal of 12.2. The city recorded 14.0 cm in January and 44.6 cm in December and for good measure another 20 cm fell back in November (that's not included in the overall total of 111.2 cm). That's a lot of snow for Lethbridge no doubt, however Pincher Creek has taken the biggest hit when it comes to snowfall in the southwest. There are no exact numbers for snowfall available for Pincher Creek, however the town and that area in general have received well over the 111 cm than Lethbridge has had. Pincher Creek Mayor Don Anderberg telling our radio station this week, this has been one of the worst winters he's seen in the region in quite some time, but they've been doing their best to keep up with mother nature. - Pat Siedlecki

Snowfall this winter in Lethbridge

December 2017: 44.6 cm
January 2018: 14.0 cm
February 2018: 52.6 cm

Don Anderberg:

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