Lethbridge Area Now With 49 Major Employers With More Than 100 Employees

Alberta Health Services remains the largest employer in the Lethbridge region according to data from a recent major employer survey.

Economic Development Lethbridge (EDL) releasing results of a major employer survey. Last fall, EDL compiled a list of businesses employing more than 100 people. Economic Development CEO, Trevor Lewington says right now there are 49 major employers in the Lethbridge area, up from 45 two years ago. This year's survey includes major businesses in the City of Lethbridge as well as Coaldale, Coalhurst, and Picture Butte. Lewington says the top ten employers here, nine of which are in the public sector, employ 21% (13,142 people) of the local workforce. While the public sector remains the largest employer in the region, its growth has been outpaced by that of the private sector. There, the agri-food sector leads the way with a 24% increase from 2015, while the manufacturing and retail sectors remained mostly steady. For a full list of major local employers, visit: Lethbridge Major Employers Survey - Pat Siedlecki

Trevor Lewington: 

List of top major Lethbridge-area employers in 2017

Employer Business Activity Staff
Alberta Health Services Health Care & Social Assistance  3,368
University of Lethbridge Educational Services  2,431
Lethbridge School District       Educational Services  1,500
City of Lethbridge Public Administration  1,462
Lethbridge College Educational Services  955
Alberta Government Public Administration  900
Holy Spirit Catholic Schools  Educational Services  779
Sunrise Poultry Food Manufacturing  625
Covenant Health Health Care & Social Assistance     603
Palliser Regional Schools Educational Services  519

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