Lethbridge City Council Approves Monument For Sisters of St. Martha

A very happy Garry Kohn spoke to Lethbridge media following City Council's decision on Monday

Up to $15,000 will be taken from Council contingencies to put up a monument in honour of the 90 years of service to Lethbridge from the Sisters of St. Martha.

There will be a monument near Lethbridge City Hall to honour the Sisters of St. Martha.

On Monday (Apr. 15), Councillors approved up to $15,000 for the monument after a passionate presentation from local businessman Garry Kohn.

He says the Sisters of St. Martha built a hospital from scratch back in 1930 and deserve to be recognized in a special way. "The City has recognized all kinds of other people, but the Sisters ran under the radar, nobody knew about them, just thinking they're just another group of nuns. But no!. They contributed more over 90 years than any other individual or corporation has done in that same period of time."

The funds for the monument, which will be erected in a few months on City Hall property, will be taken from Council contingencies.

The vote passed 7-1, with Councillor Belinda Crowson voting against. She was adamant there are so many different things than could be honoured with a monument, and was concerned approving the money would set a precedent. Kohn, however disagreed saying this organization (Sister of St. Martha) was like any other.

Mayor Chris Spearman suggested if supporters wanted a bigger monument they might want to consider coming up with some private funds as well, however Kohn didn't feel that would be necessary.

The Sisters of St. Martha are officially retiring later this year.

Garry Kohn: 

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