Lethbridge College Poll Indicates Huge Provincial Support For United Conservatives

A recent Lethbridge College survey of voter intentions indicates support for the opposition UCP is nearly 58% province-wide. The governing NDP has the support of 23% of Alberta voters in this poll.

If a new poll from Lethbridge College is any indication, the governing New Democrats are in big trouble in the upcoming provincial election.

The Citizens Society Research Lab surveyed 1,055 adult Albertans from all areas of the province last month (Feb-2-5, 2019). 

The results of that poll show the United Conservatives command the support of 57.8% of Alberta voters. The NDP have slightly less than one-quarter of decided voters at 23.2%.

Support for the UCP is strong here in southern Alberta at 64.2%. The strongest support the governing NDP continues to be in Edmonton at 39.2%. Here in the south, New Democrat voter support has dipped to just 13% according to the February poll.

As for other voter intentions, the poll indicates support for the Alberta Liberals at 5.1%, the Alberta Party at 7.0%, and the Freedom Conservative Party 2.8%.

The results of the Lethbridge College poll yield a margin of error plus or minus three percentage point 19 times out of 20.

The next provincial election must be held before the end of May. You can read the full survey report here: 2019 Alberta Provincial Voter Poll

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