Lethbridge Comes Through Second-Coldest February in 133 Years of Weather Records

The last time Lethbridge had a colder February was in 1936. This year, February came in the second-coldest ever in the city.

After a record warm January, Lethbridge is coming off one of the most frigid months of February ever.

In fact, last month was the second coldest February Lethbridge has experienced since Environment Canada started keeping record 133 years ago.

Forecaster Kyle Fougere  tells our radio station it was certainly one for the record books. "With a mean temperature of -19.5 (celcius), that's about 13.6 degrees colder than a normal February in Lethbridge. February is already typically one of the coldest months of the year and then you add another 13.6 degrees to that, it's pretty drastic."

The coldest February Lethbridge ever had was in 1936, but Fougere notes this one was pretty close to that.

The good news is a major warm up is on the way. Fougere notes toward the end of this week we will see a big change and temperatures pushing into the mid to high single digits by next week.

Kyle Fougere: 

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