Lethbridge Commercial Vehicle Inspection Blitz Underway

LPS say in the first day of the inspection, 67% of the commercial vehicles checked were taken out of service.

Lethbridge Police as well as Commercial Vehicle Enforcement targeting unsafe commercial vehicles this week.

Just on Tuesday alone, 67% of the commercial vehicles checked coming through Lethbridge were taken out of service. LPS Traffic Constable, Stewart Seefried says that's a big concern.

He notes because this is a smaller inspection, officers are able to pick and choose which vehicles to pull over and inspect. Seefried says regardless it's very alarming that you can pull that many commercial vehicles off the road on a given day and find so many that shouldn't be on the road in the first place.

The three day blitz has officers stopping and inspecting commercial vehicles for mechanical, equipment, and other violations.

The Calgary Police Service, Community Peace Officers, Alberta Sheriffs and Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration are assisting Lethbridge Police with the inspections. - Pat Siedlecki

Cst. Stewart Seefried: 

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