Lethbridge Energy Extraction Resolution Gets 85% Support at AUMA

A resolution from the City of Lethbridge regarding urban oil and gas exploration has received a lot of support at the Alberta Urban Municipalities Convention.

A City of Lethbridge resolution on energy extraction has received 85% support from delegates attending the Alberta Urban Municipalities Convention in Edmonton. Mayor Chris Spearman tells CJOC News to have that much support is very rewarding and satisfactory. He says most communities feel that as we grow, there needs to be a greater respect for municipal development plans. The Lethbridge resolution on urban oil and gas drilling now becomes an official position of the AUMA. Also, another resolution that Lethbridge co-sponsored on Family Community Social Services (FCSS) funding passed with 95% support. Spearman says this shows municipalities across Alberta need better assistance in providing social services in our communities. He notes FCSS funding has been frozen since 2009. - Pat Siedlecki
Chris Spearman:

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