Lethbridge Exhibition Park Rolls Out Events For 2018

Marketing Manager Doug Kryzanowski. Photo credit to Mike Wuchterl, Ex Park

The first big show is Ag Expo at the end of Feburary with over 350 exhibitors expected, however Exhibition Park's biggest challenge continues to be finding space for all their events.

Another busy year of events planned at Lethbridge Exhibition Park with the first one, Ag Expo. at the end of February. Marketing Manager Doug Kryzanowski says they're busting at the seems again with a lack of space and exhibitors on waiting lists for pretty much every event. He says Exhibition Park could use another 100,000 square feet of space. Right now, 350 exhibitors are expected for Ag Expo, which is one of the top four agricultural shows in western Canada. Exhibition Park plans a mulit-million dollar redevelopment which would give them a lot more space and also  include a trade and convention centre as well as an agri-plex in the years ahead. Kryzanowski says on average, Exhibition Park contributes about $74 million in local economic spin off each year and have more space for exhibitors would more than likely make that number increase. - Pat Siedlecki

Doug Kryzanowski: 

2018 Exhibition Park Events

* Ag Expo - February 28 to March 2nd. (Average attendance 15,000 - 20,000)
* Home & Garden Show - March 21 - 24 (Average attendance 17,000 - 25,000)
* Aggie Days - April 24 & 25 (Average attendance 5000)
* Children's Festival - May 4 & 5 (Average attendance 8000 - 10,000)
* Farmers' Markets - May 12 - October 27 (Saturdays) at Ex Park & July 4 - September 5 (Wednesdays) Downtown
* Open Farm Days - August 18
* Whoop-Up Days - August 21-25
* Christmas Farmers' Market & Trade Show - December 1 & 2 (Average attendance 7000 - 10,000)

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