Lethbridge Getting New Electric Charge Buses to Bolster City Transit Fleet

Photo of electric buses operating in St. Albert. Lethbridge Transit would be running the same type of bus. Photo credit to City of St. Albert

Lethbridge Transit had applied for the new buses last fall and on Thursday the province announced $8.2 million for seven fully charge electric buses and a solar charging station.

Lethbridge Transit will be getting some swanky new buses in the future.

The province announcing Thursday (Mar. 7) a number of new projects approved by the Alberta Community Transit Fund.

Lethbridge West MLA Shannon Phillips says the City of Lethbridge will be getting $8.2 million for seven fully electric charge buses and a solar charging station, something transit had applied for back in the fall. "They're getting some of the cutting-edge, zero-emission vehicle technology out on our roads over the next number of months and years. Electric buses are more comfortable for riders, they have fewer diesel fumes, and are in many respects more reliable."

The new Lethbridge project announced Thursday was one of 17 municipal transit projects around the province, sharing a total of $215 million.

Each new electric bus is expected to save Lethbridge Transit roughly $31,000 a year in fuel costs alone. To fully charge up an electric bus would take anywhere from 7 to 10 hours.

City Council was told back in October that Lethbridge residents could see these electric buses phased into the local transit fleet by 2021, if the application was approved.

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