Lethbridge Justice Grants Stay in Case of Former Taber Man Convicted of Sexual Assaults

Lawyer Greg White speaks to Lethbridge media outside the courthouse Tuesday

A Queen's Bench Justice has granted a stay on charges a former Taber man had been previously convicted of due to unreasonable delays in getting the case to trial.

A Lethbridge Queen's Bench Justice has stayed charges against a former Taber man convicted of sexually assaulting young boys. In 2014, Jorden VanVoothuizen was sentenced to nine years in prison after a jury found him guilty of the sex assaults which date back to between 1995 and 2001. His lawyer Greg White was in court Tuesday (Nov. 21) arguing there was too much time between when Vanvoorthuizen was sentenced and when his appeal began. Justice Dallas Miller agreed and granted a stay due to unreasonable delays in getting to trial. White says it's important people who are accused of a crime have things dealt with in a timely fashion. VanVoorthuizen had been in court this week for a re-trial, after his conviction was overturned by the Alberta Court of Appeal. White had put forward a Jordan Application, which states a trial in Queen's Bench must be heard within 30 months of charges being laid. VanVoorthuizen was charged by Taber Police and brought back to Canada from Greece where he'd been living at the time. White says the law in a state of flux right now and judges are trying to adapt to the Supreme of Canada with each situation which comes before them. White says his client is happy this all finally over. - Pat Siedlecki

Greg White:

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