Lethbridge Loses Out to Windsor, Ontario to Host 2022 Can-Am Police-Fire Games

Lethbridge Bid Team

Windsor, Ontario has beat out Lethbridge to host the Can-Am Police-Fire Games in 2022. The Lethbridge Bid Team says it did its best to try and bring the games to Lethbridge and everyone involved in that effort should be proud.

Lethbridge missing out on a chance to host a big sporting event. The City had placed a bid for the Can-Am Police-Fire Games in 2022, however it was announced Tuesday (Dec. 12) that Windsor, Ontario was chosen instead. Sport Council Executive Director, Susan Eymann says to borrow a sports metaphor, the Lethbridge 2022 Can-Am Police-Fire Games Bid Team left “everything on the field” in their efforts to win the Games for Lethbridge. She says they did their absolute best in the bid process and for that, everyone involved should be immensely proud. Windsor was announced as the winning host City in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri which is hosting the Police-Fire Games in 2018. - Pat Siedlecki

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