Lethbridge M.P. Addresses Liberal Opposition to Her Nomination as Chair of Status of Women Committee

Rachael Harder isn't impressed after Liberal members of a committee walked out of a meeting Tuesday citing the Lethbridge M.P.'s voting record on some controversial social issues.

An abrupt ending to a meeting of the House Status of Women Committee Tuesday only minutes after it began. All Liberal members walked out to protest Lethbridge Conservatve M.P. Rachael Harder being nominated as committee chair. The move forced an end to the meeting before a vote could take place. Liberals say her anti-abortion and anti-trans voting record makes her unfit to chair the committee. Harder was recently named Status of Women critic by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Harder tells our radio station her views on certain issues shouldn't even be a concern. She says what should be the focus is whether or not she is fit to chair the committee and she feels she most definately is. Harder says at the end of the day the Liberals just showed "they are intolerant and all-together ignorant" and that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is trying to dictate who should be chair of the committee. Harder says instead of letting democracy take its course and having a vote, the Liberal members simply got up and walked out. - Tina Giesbrecht & Pat Siedlecki

Rachael Harder:

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