Lethbridge Parents Brave Early Morning Outside to Snag Pre-School Spots at Coalbanks Elementary

A portable fire pit keeps parents warm as they wait for pre-school registration at Coalbanks Elementary (credit Ryan Mennie)

By 5:30am there were already a dozen people in line trying to snag limited spots in either a morning or an afternoon class.

It was an early morning for some parents looking to register their children for pre-school at Coalbanks Elementary on the west side. A couple showed up at 3am and by 5:30am there were already a dozen people lined up, braving the cold. Early Childhood Services Coordinator for Lethbridge School District 51, Isabelle Plomp, says it's exciting to see so much interest in the program but there are only so many spots available with one morning class and one afternoon class. She says other district schools have the physical space for two morning and two afternoon pre-school classes but at this time Coalbanks Elementary does not. Plomp adds there are no specific boundary policies in place when it comes to the district's Early Education programs so those who didn't get spots at Coalbanks Elementary are welcome to enroll at other schools. She also says the early line-up isn't completely out of the ordinary, and it has happened before at other schools in the city as parents try to snag specific time slots that best work for their schedules. Pre-school registration for three and four year olds remains open through the spring and even until programming starts in the fall. -Tina Giesbrecht
Isabelle Plomp

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