Lethbridge Police Officer Deer Petition Gaining Major Momentum

Screen shot of the online petition

The number of signatures to the online petition has jumped by nearly 30,000 in just two days.

That online petition set up a few days ago following an incident where a Lethbridge Police officer was seen on video driving over a deer to euthanize the animal has really picked up steam.

In fact, as of Friday morning (Jan. 11), nearly 40,000 people had signed the petition on the website change.org.

Started by a Lethbridge resident, the petition pushes for the LPS officer, who used his service vehicle last weekend to drive over the deer several times along Scenic Drive South, to be fired.

ASIRT is investigating as well as the Alberta SPCA and Fish and Wildlife.

The unidentified officer in question has reportedly even had death threats this past week since the video came out, something LPS are looking into as well.

A release from the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team this week states, "The video is disturbing, prompting many to step forward to make complaints to various agencies including ASIRT, FWE, Alberta SPCA, Lethbridge and District Humane Society and, of course, LPS. We are fortunate to be part of the Canadian community where people care about the treatment of others, including animals. That passion, however, must not supersede reason. The situation has escalated to reported death threats against the unidentified officer. These actions are now under investigation by LPS. Call centres for all the above agencies have been overwhelmed by the volume of calls and complaints that they are receiving. This has resulted in a disproportionate strain on both the resources of these agencies and their staff, who very much care about the treatment of animals."

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