Lethbridge Ranked 4th in Canada in Latest Allstate Safe Driving Study

Allstate Canada releasing its 2017 Safe Driving Study and Lethbridge was given a very high ranking.

The 9th annual Safe Driving Study by Allstate Canada shows Lethbridge is one of the safest in the country. Lethbridge was ranked as the 4th safest on the list, down from 17th in 2015, with a collision claim frequency of 3.86% per 100 cars between the years of 2015 and 2017. The report indicates Alberta is the second safest province on the list with three centres ranked in the top five. Medicine Hat came in fifth while Spruce Grove, near Edmonton , ranked number two. According to the list, the worst place in the country for collisions is Halifax, Nova Scotia with a collision claim frequency of 7.9%.  For a full list of ranked cities, visit https://www.allstate.ca/webpages/docs/custcare/allstate-2017-data-tables-national-final.pdf -Pat Siedlecki

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