Lethbridge Ridings Appear Tight in New Lethbridge College Provincial Election Poll

The NDP's Rachel Notley and UCP Leader Jason Kenney. Photo credit to Calgary Herald.

The UCP has support from 33.1% of Lethbridge voters polled. That's compared with 23.5% for the governing NDP.

If you think it's going to be a cake walk for the United Conservatives in the two Lethbridge ridings this spring, you might want to think again.

According to a new survey from Lethbridge College, the UCP does lead in voter intention in both city ridings, however the governing NDP is fairly close behind.

Dr. Faron Ellis from the College's Citizen Society Research Lab says the New Democrats in Lethbridge are polling at or above the provincial average. He says support for the UCP across the City of Lethbridge is 33.1% in this recent poll. Support for the NDP is around 23%. He notes that's very close when compared to the spread the United Conservatives have province-wide.

Ellis notes Lethbridge has a very diverse population which has had a factor in past elections. Voter support in Lethbridge East and Lethbridge West is almost identical to the overall city-wide numbers. Support for the UCP is just slightly higher in Lethbridge West, according to the survey.

Dr. Faron Ellis: 

The interesting statistic however, is that support for the UCP in Lethbridge has actually dropped 11.3% compared to this same time last year with New Democrat support up by 3.3%.

Dr. Ellis says with nearly 20% of Lethbridge residents still undecided, that could be a big factor come election time. He notes the Alberta Liberals are seeing a slight resurgence in popularity too at around 12% across the city and that may come into play as well.

The poll was conducted last month with data collected from 882 randomly selected adult Lethbridge residents.

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