Lethbridge Street Sweeping & City Road Repairs Underway

File photo. Credit to City of Lethbridge

City transportation crews are busy these days with street sweeping season

You may have noticed street sweepers out and about in downtown Lethbridge.

The city has started the post-winter clean up of local roads, starting with the downtown.

Transportation Manager, Darwin Juell says they'll be moving into residential areas in a couple of weeks. "By the 24th of April, we will be starting our ongoing residential street sweeping program where we sweep every street in the city."

That's when the no parking zones will be in effect. Once the residential sweeping begins, it'll start on the north side this year and rotate through to the south and west sides before wrapping up in June if all goes as planned.

Juell says the big thing for his crews right now are taking care of the numerous frost boils and road repairs following the winter. He says frost is still coming out of the ground here in April and that's keeping things busy.

Darwin Juell: 

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