Livingstone-Macleod Constituency Association Member Cites Bullying as Reason Behind Resignation

The Livingstone-Macleod UCP Constituency Association says it's disappointed by the resignation of six members last week, but it's continuing to look forward to the spring election.

VP of Communications, Wade Nelson, says while the association cannot comment on the reasons behind the resignations, it appreciates those members efforts in what was a busy year for the United Conservatives.
Nelson says Livingstone-Macleod may restructure, if needed, to fill the vacancies.
Constituency associations are volunteer organizations that handle things like fundraising and reporting contributions.
However, a letter sent to our radio station from Livingstone-Macleod's former VP of Fundraising and Events, Mark Hudson, states that he resigned because he was bullied for his involvement in the investigation of Wendy Adam and Jeff Callaway's “Kamakaze Campaign” for the UCP leadership. He also notes his disappointment with the party's lack of grassroots efforts.
In spite of comments made last week by UCP Leader Jason Kenney and Official Opposition House Leader Jason Nixon about the situation, Hudson argues that he did not resign because of the nomination of Roger Reid. Reid ran against Thomas Schneider and Nathan Neudorf, and won the Livingstone-Macleod nomination in December.
Wade Nelson:

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