Major Change in Weather Forecast to Bring Potentially Significant Snow to Southern Alberta

Weather Network map indicating snowfall late this weekend

Snow and cold temperatures are in the forecast for southern Alberta with a major change in the weather for the prairies late this weekend.

A significant change in weather is on the way for southern Alberta. Environment Canada is forecasting a big drop in temperatures across the region late in the weekend and with that a very good chance of snow.  Forecaster Dan Kulak telling our radio station Friday (Sept. 29) the change happens Sunday night into Monday and Tuesday next week. He says it's too early to say how much snow could fall, however he notes some early indications are potentially double-digit snowfall totals in some areas, mostly likely the foothills and Cypress Hills. Kulak says by the middle of next week though, we should be back to sunshine and highs into the mid to high teens. Online forecaster Accuweather is saying much of the same, and points to significant snow in part of Montana, most likely the Great Falls area. - Pat Siedlecki

Dan Kulak:

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