Man Charged with Evading Police Sentenced to Five Months in Jail

With credit for time already served, Jyi Trotter has 90 days left behind bars.

A Lethbridge man being sentenced to five and a half months in jail after pleading guilty to an incident where he attempted to evade police. According to the Crown, a Lethbridge Police officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop on November 11, 2017 when a truck failed to stop at a stop sign on the city's north side. The truck then began driving erratically on icy roads, lost control and finally came to a stop on a curb along 12 B Street North. The driver tried to escape by putting the vehicle in reverse and hit a parked vehicle in doing so. In an effort to keep the suspect from putting the public at risk, the officer pinned the truck against a tree with his cruiser. However, the suspect kept trying to flee, revving the truck's engine. Two other police cruisers were also damaged when back up arrived on scene. The driver continued to resist arrest and an officer suffered minor injuries to his hand as a result. He was then pulled from the vehicle through the window. It was later determined that the driver was wanted on numerous warrants, the passenger was also in breach of conditions and the licence plate on the truck was stolen. Jyi Trotter, 37, noting in court that he didn't make the right choice in the incident, and that the truck engine was revving because the gas pedal was stuck and he didn't know what to do. His defence lawyer, Claudia Connolly, echoed some of those sentiments, saying that it was a poor lack of judgement on his part. A judge sentenced Trotter to 165 days in jail on charges of dangerous driving, failure to stop, possession of stolen property and resisting a peace officer. Other charges of flight from a police officer and assault of a police officer with a weapon were withdrawn. With credit for time already served, Trotter has 90 days left behind bars. The passenger in the case, John Elvis Jones, 25 of Lethbridge, is currently wanted on an arrest warrant for failing to appear in court on Monday (Dec. 18). He is charged with breaching the conditions of a recognizance. -Sam Borsato

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