Nature Conservancy Releases Sage Grouse Birds Back Onto Southern Alberta Prairies

Photo credit to Calgary Zoo

The NCC and Parks Canada have partnered with the Calgary Zoo to reintroduce an endangered species of bird on the prairies of southern Alberta.

An endangered species is being reintroduced into the prairies here in southern Alberta.

With fewer than 250 sage grouse remaining in their natural habitat, the Calgary Zoo along with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Parks Canada have partnered for the release of 66 greater sage grouse birds.

Carys Richards with the Nature Conservancy says the Zoo has been raising the birds with an eye on releasing them. "The Calgary Zoo has been breeding and raising Greater Sage Grouse in captivity for five years now and approached NCC to find a property to purchase that would be ideal habitat to release the birds back into the wild."

The property is located in the Manyberries area.

Once common, almost 80% of the Sage Grouse disappeared over the last 30 years.

Today, fewer than 250 wild greater sage-grouse remain in southeastern Alberta and southwestern Saskatchewan. The birds were designated as endangered in Canada in 1998 under the Species at Risk Act.

Carys Richards: 

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