New On-line Tool Aims to Help Lethbridge Residents Learn About City Budget

The City of Lethbridge is launching a new on-line tool to help residents learn more about the City's budget.

Lethbridge residents can learn about the city budget all thanks to a new on-line tool. People can log into the city's website and see how property taxes are used and it gives citizens a chance to consider the financial impact of changing funding allocations to a variety of service areas. People can also submit their comments and ideas using an on-line form at The feedback will be presented to City Council before budget deliberations in late November. Councillor Jeff Carlson says they want residents to better understand the services and value they receive for their tax dollars. A community open house will also take place October 22nd and 23 at Lethbridge City Hall. A public meeting will take place at City Hall as well on November 3rd where residents can make brief presentations to Council regarding the budget. - Pat Siedlecki
Graeme Woods, Strategic Initiatives Co-Ordinator, City of Lethbridge

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