No Snow Has Lethbridge Street Sweepers Out Much Earlier Than Usual

File photo from City of Lethbridge

Lethbridge road crews have been focusing on some different things this winter given the fact there has been virtually little to now snow to clear.

It has been an extremely quiet winter for City of Lethbridge road clearing crews.

Unlike last winter which had crews working 31 straight days over Christmas, it has been anything but that this winter.

Outgoing Transportation Operations Manager, Lee Perkins says the two city snow dumps, which were loaded a year ago, are virtually empty at the moment. "Right now those dumps are only being used by contractors clearing out parking lots and out city lots are being cleared out as well (from the little snow we've had). The snow dumps are quite sparse compared to last year."

Perkins says having no snow and warm winter weather has meant crews have been able to focus on asphalt patching and street sweeping instead. "If we can stay on top of sweeping with the weather like this, the spring street sweeping program will go a lot smoother. Again, it's all in Mother Nature's hands for next few months."

The never-ending winter of 2018 was not only a nasty one for snow clearing crews, it was also nasty on the city's snow and ice control budget. Perkins notes last year, snow removal and clearing operations were nearly $2 million over budget for 2018. The budget is per calendar year, January through December.

Lee Perkins: 

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