No Survivors After Southern Alberta Plane Crashes in Colorado

Photo of the plane. Photo from Kaupp Family Farms

Four men from just southeast of Lethbridge have been confirmed killed in a plane clash near the Colorado-Utah border.

A small plane which left Cut Bank, Montana this week en route to New Mexico has crashed, with no survivors. Four men from the Warner and New Dayton area were on the Piper Lance aircraft. The plane was owned by Bill Kaupp. Kaupp Family Farms confirming late Friday on Facebook that all four people on the plane died. The aircraft had to stop in Colorado Wednesday (Feb. 21) because of bad weather. It left Grand Junction Regional Airport Thursday morning heading for Albuquerque and vanished. The U.S. Air Force began a search and a signal from an emergency beacon was detected near Grand Junction, Colorado where the terrain is described as mountainous and high desert. On the plane were Bill Kaupp (64) and Clint Kaupp (28) as well as Tim Mueller (28) and Ron McKenzie (66). - Pat Siedlecki

The following is a statement from Kaupp Family Farms:

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that the plane has been located with no survivors. I want to tell everyone how much I appreciate the sharing, good wishes and all the condolences given over today. There’s still a lot of good in this very scary world. In the future I will talk about how great the four people that we lost were to everyone that knew them, but for now we are going to grieve.

Thank you everybody

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