Potent Batch of Drugs, Likely Containing Carfentanil, Impacting Blood Reserve as well as Lethbridge

The number of overdoses on the Blood Reserve recently are highly out of the ordinary and police are concerned.

A potent batch of drugs, which prompted a public warning in Lethbridge, appears to be impacting the Blood Reserve as well. There's been a rash of overdoses across the city in the past week that are likely linked to the dangerous and powerful drug, carfentanil. Blood Tribe Police Inspector, Farica Sayrette says they've seen a spike in ODs on the reserve as well at pretty much the same time and says it wouldn't be unrealistic to say the situations are linked. She says the number of overdoses are highly out of the ordinary and it has everyone concerned. Sayrette says the BTPS has put a call out to the Blood Tribe community, soliciting any information on the sale and import of these drugs on the reserve. -Pat Siedlecki
BTPS Inspector Farica Sayrette

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