Potential Flooding Concerns With Rapid Melt in Forecast For Southern Alberta

Daytime highs between +15 and +18 in southwest Alberta next week will result in a lot of running water after what's been weeks and weeks of snowfall across the region.

People living here in soutthwest Alberta should be aware of possible localized flooding with a rapid melt in the forecast. Many places in the region have received several feet of snow this winter and Environment Canada's Brian Proctor says temperatures reaching the mid to high teens next week could cause some problems. He says there's a lot of moisture out there along the foothills and southwest part of the province. He notes we could see temperatures in the Lethbridge area between +15 and +18 all of next week and with such a fast warm up, coupled with the mounds of snow across the region, could lead to localized flooding in some places. Proctor says if the overnight lows next week stay near or above freezing, along with those very warm daytime highs, the melt will happen quickly. Lethbridge has received around 130 cm of snow this winter, however areas to the west, especially Pincher Creek, have received far more than that. - Pat Siedlecki

Brian Proctor:

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