Province Approves Annexation of Land From Lethbridge County to Town of Coaldale

The roughly 1500 acre annexation was approved by the province in late February and will have a number of mixed uses for Coaldale, including future residential and commercial.

A large portion of land within Lethbridge County is now part of the Coaldale. The province approving the annexation of 1500 acres from the County to the Town. The land, mostly to the west, north, and south of Coaldale, will be used for future residential, commercial, industrial, and parks. Coaldale Administrator, Kalen Hastings tells our radio station the 60 or so landowners within Lethbridge County impacted by the will have their taxes grandfathered at the county rate for the next 25 years as long as there is not change in usage or if the land isn't subdivided. Hastings says getting this land allows Coaldale to do some long-term and responsible planning for the area. The annexation will be official as of April 1st, 2018. You can view the annexation approval here: Annexation Approval - Pat Siedlecki

Kalen Hastings: 

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