Record Amounts of Snow Taken Off Lethbridge Streets This Winter; Big Melt Now Forecast

The west side snow dump, or mountain on Monday. Similar amount of snow at the 43rd Street site.

Lethbridge City Council told Monday between 15,000 and 16,000 truckloads of snow hauled to city snow dumps since late December and more to come. A rapid melt is likely now with temperatures possibly hitting between +11 and +14 by early next week.

If you've driven by one of the two City of Lethbridge snow dump sites lately you'll get an idea of just how much snow we've had this winter. Both locations, off University Drive and 43rd Street, have been piling up on a daily basis since late December. City Councillor Ryan Parker told Council Monday (Mar. 5) that between 15,000 and 16,000 truckloads of snow had been hauled off streets in the past three months. He gave kudos to all those who've been working around the clock for snow removal. City Transportation Operations Manager, Lee Perkins telling our radio station this might be the most snow he's seen in those dumps during his years living in Lethbridge. As of this past week, just the city alone had recorded around 135 cm of snow this winter. Now the forecast is calling a big melt on the way. Environment Canada is forecasting temperatures will be around +11 and +14 mark for Lethbridge by Sunday and next Monday. The extended forecast is indicating temperatures will stay in the +6 to +8 range after that for at least the following week. Perkins says residents should be reminded to make sure your downspouts are down and pointed away from your home. He also says there will more than likely be "rutting" on side streets in residential areas with a rapid melt likely with the quite warm temperatures. - Pat Siedlecki

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