Rotarians Ready to Make Annual Trek from Lethbridge to Mexico to Deliver Service Vehicles

Local rotarians are getting ready for their annual trek from Lethbridge to Mexico to deliver decommissioned service vehicles to communities in need.

A seven vehicle convoy from Lethbridge to Mexico is set to hit the road as part of this year's Los Amigos Project. Organized by the Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise, three decommissioned ambulances and four handi-buses will be delivered to Mexican communities in need. Emergency professionals will also be given hands-on training by firefighters from Lethbridge and Pincher Creek. Training Program Coordinator, Wayne Stewart, says firefighters and EMTs in Mexico are very dedicated but don't always have access to the resources local emergency personnel have, so it's very rewarding to be able to offer it to them. Including this year's donation, rotarians will have delivered 36 service vehicles to Mexican communities since the Los Amigos Project began in 2011. The rotarians and vehicles will be leaving from Streatside Restaurant at 8:15am next Thursday, October 12th. -Tina Giesbrecht
Wayne Stewart

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