Southern Alberta Expecting Much-Needed, Significant Rainfall

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Environment Canada says between Thursday and the holiday Monday many places across the region could see upwards of 50 mm of rain.

It may not be the news long weekend campers want to hear, but this will put smiles on the faces of local farmers.

A major change in weather by Thursday is expected to bring some significant precipitation to southern Alberta. It's been very dry across the south, with less than 20 mm of total precipitation since late March. That has prompted fire advisories, especially in southeast Alberta. The recent warm weather, coupled with ongoing dry and at times windy conditions have resulted in grass fires over the past two months as well.

Environment Canada's Blaine Lowry tells our radio station it's going to get pretty wet. "It looks like through the day on Friday when we get that main shot of rain we could get 20-30 mm in a 24 period (in most areas). If you take the entire precipitation event starting on Thursday and lasting through the long weekend we could end up with around 50 mm total for Lethbridge and area."

Lowry says the rain should help dampen that wildfire risk for a while and give local crops some much-needed moisture as well. "There is a low pressure system set to move in before the May long weekend. That's going to bring the widespread precipitation."

Along with the rain will also be much cooler temperatures. People planning some long weekend camping might be spending most of it indoors. Temperatures From Thursday through Monday are expected to barely break the 10 degree mark with overnight lows pushing zero. There's a chance on Saturday that rain could be mixed at times with wet flurries.

Lowry says welcome to the May long weekend in Alberta! 

Blaine Lowry: 

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