Southern Alberta MP Asking Federal Liberals to Address Grain Backlog Crisis

Foothills MP John Barlow wants the federal government do address the grain backlog crisis before things go from bad to worse.

The federal Conservative's Agriculture Critic says the Liberal government is failing to address the grain backlog crisis. Foothills MP John Barlow along with Members of Parliament from other parties will be holding an emergency meeting on the issue on Monday, March 19th. Barlow tells our radio station there are some things the feds can do now to alleviate the backlog, however nothing is happening. He says it's disappointing the Liberals are failing to see the urgency of the crisis by refusing to hear from producers and railway officials earlier and when grain doesn’t move, farmers don’t get paid. Barlow says there were early warning signs that we were headed into a crisis, however the Liberals refused to act. Barlow says the grain backlog situation in southern Alberta isn't as bad in some other places right now, but could get a lot worse if this drags on. - Pat Siedlecki

John Barlow:

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