Southern Albertans Will Experience Near Total Solar Eclipse Monday

Photo of near total solar eclipse in 2016. Photo credit to

There will be an almost total eclipse of the sun over Lethbridge starting late Monday morning. Some places just south of the border will be in for a rare total solar eclipse.

A long anticipated total eclipse of the sun over North America takes place Monday (Aug. 21) and according to the weather forecast, it looks like it'll be a perfect day. The path of totality crosses 14 US states with partial phases seen from all parts of Canada. University of Lethbridge Astrophysicist, Locke Spencer, says it'll begin at about 10:20 am Monday morning and hit its maximum around 11:34 am. At it's max coverage from Lethbridge, 80% of the sun will covered, giving only about 20% of normal sunlight for several minutes before the eclipse begins to move out. Spencer says it's extremely important to remember to never stare directly into the sun during a solar eclipse, but can view the eclipse with welding glasses or special solar eclipse glasses. The next total eclipse that can be seen in Lethbridge will take place in 2044 then there won't be any until after 2100. - Tina Giesbrecht

Locke Spencer: 

Below is a map of the eclipse from The Weather Network. The top time notes start of eclipse, middle time is maximum eclipse and bottom time shows end of eclipse.

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