Spring 2018: Cool & Damp For Southern Alberta; Early Summer Prediction Hot & Dry Again

Weather Network map indicating a likely cooler-than-normal spring across most of Canada

It looks like spring in southern Alberta is going to be both cooler and damper than normal, however we could be in a for another very hot and very dry summer across this region.

Spring across southern Alberta is expected to be delayed with a predicted colder-than-normal March and early April across this region. The Weather Netowrk releasing its Spring 2018 Outlook this week. Forecaster Brad Rousseau telling our radio station this spring, we will likely experience chillier conditions across most of Alberta with above normal precipitation expected here in south from March through May. He says there is a lot of snow in the mountains in southwest Alberta and depending on how fast that melts, there could be elevated river levels during the spring. The Weather Network notes there are some indications spring will feature a more active weather pattern across the southern prairies, bringing some relief from from the very dry conditions we had last year. Rousseau also gave a snap shot of what this coming summer could be like. He says computer models are showing once again a hotter and drier than normal summer this year, following what was one of the warmest and driest summers on record for this region in 2017. Wording from the Weather Network says: "We expect that a big story during the summer season (2018) will be worsening drought conditions across western and central parts of the United States, with a significant impact on agriculture and wildfires. As we develop our final summer forecast we will be closely analyzing the threat for these drought conditions to extend north into parts of Canada." - Pat Siedlecki

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